Summary of Neville Medhora´s Copywriting Course

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Online courses are very valuable but they take a lot of time to complete and can be very expensive.

That's why I decided to summarize some of the most popular copywriting courses in the word.

Neville Medhora´s Kopywriting Kourse is one of them. It's considered one of the best copywriting courses for beginners.

Take a look at the course´s sales page: 

With this summary you will get 80% of the course´s most valuable content for less than 10% of the price.

Who is Neville Medhora?

Neville Medhora is the "cool" copywriting teacher. He has written copy for companies like AppSumo, The Hustle, and SumoMe. He teaches copywriting basics in a practical, fun way. Your time is too valuable to waste it learning from second-tier copywriters or guys who only make income from teaching copy, not writing copy. Google Neville to see his credentials. He is a legit copywriter and teacher.

In this summary, you will get 80% of the course´s most valuable content for less than 10% of the price.

I trimmed the fluff and left you only with the key ideas.

With this summary you will learn:

  • Copywriting basics and apply them to business, personal life, webpages, emails, etc.
  • How to start your writing using scripts & templates
  • How to sell yourself without sounding scammy
  • How to become a copywriter 
  • How to think about copy like an expert
  • How to produce valuable content
  • How to automate your emails
  • How to write copy that sells.

Who is this summary for:

  • You´ve already heard about the Kopywriting Kourse but are not sure if it´s for you. You want to try it first.
  • You wan to learn copywriting but are not sure if this is for you and don´t want to invest a lot of time or money before you are sure.
  • You want to learn copywriting basics.
  • You want to have a handy guide whenever you write copy. Something you can pop open in your laptop and not waste time scrambling for books, notes, or courses.You want to improve your writing skills by learning from an expert but you don´t want to spend a fortune.

If you like the summary I recommend purchasing the complete course. It contains worksheets, office hours (you can ask questions to the instructors), and a bunch of resources. You can visit the course´s sales page here.


I want this!

A full summary of Neville Medhora´s Kopywriting Kourse. It has the same sequence as the actual course. I added my insights and extra layers of information. I replaced some of the examples in the course with my own due to copyright. I am not able to summarize the "office hours" These tend to be super valuable so if you need a reason to purchase the course office hours is good reason enough.

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Summary of Neville Medhora´s Copywriting Course

5 ratings
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