Summary of David Perell's Write of Passage

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Online courses can be very valuable. But they take a long time to complete and can be very expensive. 

That's why we decided to summarize some of the most popular online courses.

David Perell's Write of Passage is one of them.

It's considered the best course for starting to grow your brand by writing online.

With this summary, you will get 80% of the course´s most valuable content for less than 1% of the price.

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Write of Passage

Become a citizen of the internet by writing online.

Writing online is one of the biggest opportunities in the world right now.

Writing was reserved for a special class of people like journalists or professional authors. But now, because of the Internet, anybody can write.

When you publish your ideas online, you unleash the full power of the Internet. Your ideas work for you while you sleep—24/7, worldwide.

Your world expands with possibility. You meet people and achieve things that once felt impossible. As if by magic, but entirely by your doing, life opens up—and the view is quite satisfying.

David Perell

David Perell is a writer, teacher, and podcaster. He believes writing online is one of the biggest opportunities in the world today. For the first time in human history, everybody can freely share their ideas with a global audience. David seeks to help as many people publish their writing online as possible.

David’s online course, Write of Passage, has been taken by more than 500 students from more than 40 countries and companies like Intel, Google, and Twitter.

The five-week course draws on David’s experience writing online, building an audience, and his interviews with more than 100 people on his North Star Podcast.

You can check out the course's sales page here.

The price of the original course (in late 2022) is about $1,000.

With this summary:

  • You will learn a step-by-step method for publishing quality content and distributing your ideas to your professional network.
  • Develop a framework to communicate your expertise and skills.
  • Switch from a passive consumer to an active creator, and escape the “Mediocre Majority” of people who endlessly consume without ever producing.
  • Learn to deal with writer's block. You’ll know exactly how to work with and move past the fears and anxieties that keep so many people from sharing what they’ve written.
  • Learn how to connect with your target audience. 
  • Learn a results-focused approach to writing.
  • Publish quality content consistently.
  • Build a following that brings you personal and professional opportunities.
  • Learn how to use your writing as an introduction to the most interesting people in your industry.
  • Harness the full potential of the internet.
  • Start building your reputation online.

This summary is for you if:

  • You´ve already heard about Write of Passage but are not sure if it's for you. You want to try it first.
  • You are interested in the course but you don't want to watch hours of video content, you just want a summary of the top insights.
  • You want to take the full course but can't afford it.
  • You prefer to read, instead of watching video content.
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Summary of David Perell's Write of Passage

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